Free Printable Tetris Puzzles For Kids Ages 4-8


All we know about the Tetris handheld game. It was one of my favorite addicting toddler games. Nowadays, as you know, most games are related to screens. I searched a bit and see that somebody works on a screen-free Tetris game. And then, I worked on it in three different levels like block puzzles or Montessori puzzles, or a kind of math activity.

I think these are good kids’ activities to improve their decision-making and strategy management. Like other block puzze games.As everybody knows, toddler puzzles are milestones of child brain development as other games. This is a good challenge and an endless game for your kids, you can imagine it from yourself.

Maybe this can be a bit difficult for toddler learning activities ages 2-4, especially beginning of this age 2-year-olds. But for 4-year-olds, the small one can be a good choice for start kids’ puzzle.

The small one is perfect for educational games for 4-year-olds. And the medium printable Tetris game table is suitable as learning games for kids ages 5-7 and as puzzles for kids ages 4-8. Maybe the largest printable Tetris game is a nice choice for puzzles for kids ages 8-10. So all you need to the colorful printer.

Cut the shapes try to place them inside the squares. For a contest print the square table more than one. And start the game. Figures should be placed in such a way that no spaces are left in any row or column.

If you fail, start from the beginning. Have fun.

I think these will be very fun games for kids ages 4-8.

I hope you like the game.




Printable TETRIS Game

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